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Shuriken Solutions, Japan (Private Contracts)¥ 21,104,736,000
Bloodstone Mining Company, Sierra Leone¥ 7,541,820,000
Hohan Tailors and Leatherworkers, Bahamas¥ 15,212,400
Brinkwater Private Security, United States (48% Share)¥ 89,254,122,700
Sabah Poppy Fields, Afghanistan¥ 3,626,715,000
Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy, Japan (Endowments, 15% Share)¥ 10,000,000
Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy, Japan (Bake Sale)¥ 52,300
TOTAL¥ 121,552,658,400

Eden Grove Paranormal Research, United Kingdom ¥ 8,090,000
Shuriken Solutions, Japan (Equipment / Training / Overhead) ¥ 2,403,154,600
Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy, Japan (Total Above-Board Investments) ¥ 605,278,100
Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy, Japan (Undocumented Infrastructure) ¥ 3,219,057,800
Clean Hands Legal & Lobbying ¥ 824,134,200
Toshi's Tailor Shop (Repairs and Replacements) ¥ 980,300
TOTAL ¥7,060,695,000


Shinobi Name:Asuka
Affiliation: Hanzō National Academy
Strengths: Skilled at swordplay, trained by Hanzō himself, nearly impossible to demoralize
Weaknesses: Overly eager to make friends, will put self in unreasonable danger on friends’ behalf
Notes: Her bond with her grandfather Hanzō keeps him nearby, ready to protect her. Consider finding ways to weaken that bond.
Threat Level: High

Shinobi Name:Ikaruga
Affiliation: Hanzō National Academy
Strengths: Classically trained swordswoman, rigorous discipline, familial financial resources, unknown but possibly very high-reaching connections
Weaknesses: Overemphasis on rules and honor
Notes: Find ways to alienate her from her friends by portraying her as overly stiff and authoritative.
Threat Level: Medium

Shinobi Name:Katsuragi
Affiliation: Hanzō National Academy
Strengths: Unique and powerful kicking style, augmented by special boots
Weaknesses: Uncontrollable libido, will do anything to save renegade parents
Notes: May be easy to bait and deceive.
Threat Level: Low

Shinobi Name:Yagyū
Affiliation: Hanzō National Academy
Strengths: Raw talent, long reach, constantly vigilant
Weaknesses: Cloudy judgment, insecurity, poor depth perception, excessive devotion to best friend Hibari
Notes: Threatening Hibari will only make Yagyū more determined and dangerous. Drive a wedge between the two of them instead.
Threat Level: Medium

Shinobi Name:Hibari
Affiliation: Hanzō National Academy
Strengths: Effective spy, budding talent with “Kagan” mind-control technique, ability to temporarily become a giant
Weaknesses: Immaturity, naïveté, too eager to prove her strength
Notes: After eliminating Yagyū, capture Hibari for research. Can her Kagan eyes be removed, or possibly cloned?
Threat Level: Low

Shinobi Name:Yumi
Affiliation: Gessen Girls’ Academy
Strengths: Powerful ice techniques, trained by Kurokage personally, strong sense of discipline
Weaknesses: Excessively rigid code of ethics, easily fooled by disguises, limited life experience
Notes: Consider posing as a good shinobi, then turning on her when she least expects it.
Threat Level: Medium

Shinobi Name:Murakumo
Affiliation: Gessen Girls’ Academy
Strengths: Strong bond with pet wolves, master of several large weapons
Weaknesses: Crippling social anxiety when her mask is removed
Notes: Remove the mask, remove the threat.
Threat Level: Low

Shinobi Name:Yozakura
Affiliation: Gessen Girls’ Academy
Strengths: Incredibly powerful punches, augmented by special gauntlets
Weaknesses: Short temper
Notes: Are her gauntlets and Katsuragi’s boots related somehow?
Threat Level: Medium

Shinobi Name:Shiki
Affiliation: Gessen Girls’ Academy
Strengths: Swift movements, long reach, speaks in incomprehensible code
Weaknesses: Easily distracted by flashy clothes
Notes: Is she an actual vampire?
Threat Level: Medium

Shinobi Name:Minori
Affiliation: Gessen Girls’ Academy
Strengths: Summons large edible objects with what appears to be magic
Weaknesses: Immaturity, short attention span, easy to deceive, limited physical strength
Notes: Why does she act like that?
Threat Level: None

Shinobi Name:Miyabi
Affiliation: Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy
Strengths: Trained from childhood to kill yōma, powerful sword techniques, unshakeable resolve
Weaknesses: Will never refuse a challenge
Notes: Try to breed a yōma in the shape of her dead mother. That may be what it takes to break her.
Threat Level: High

Shinobi Name:Imu
Affiliation: Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy
Strengths: Skilled with her modular staff
Weaknesses: Excessively devoted to Miyabi, burdened with her younger sister, Murasaki
Notes: Does Murasaki’s Root of Calamity technique run in the family? None of our school tests detected it in her system, but it still might be worth looking into.
Threat Level: Low

Shinobi Name:Ryōbi
Affiliation: Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy
Strengths: Skilled with guns and explosives
Weaknesses: Impatient, short-tempered, excessively sadistic
Notes: If in battle against her, try crying out when she lands a hit; that may excite her enough to cloud her judgment.
Threat Level: Medium

Shinobi Name:Ryōna
Affiliation: Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy
Strengths: Armed with four pistols (two sets of two, joined at the butt), remarkable resistance to pain
Weaknesses: Weak-willed, takes lead from Ryōbi
Notes: Her older sister, Ryōki, was killed in battle with Miyabi. Why are she and Ryōbi following Miyabi now?
Threat Level: Low

Shinobi Name:Murasaki
Affiliation: Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy
Strengths: Root of Calamity
Weaknesses: Extreme social anxiety and agoraphobia
Notes: Unless Imu is under direct threat, Murasaki is likely to run home if given the chance. Do not put Imu under direct threat.
Threat Level: Low

Shinobi Name:Homura
Affiliation: “Homura’s Crimson Squad,” Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy (former)
Strengths: Wields six swords simultaneously (occasionally with a seventh in the mix), extremely fast and strong
Weaknesses: Vulnerable to puppetry technique, under ideal circumstances
Notes: Unlike most of the other girls, Homura has a personal vendetta against you, and will kill you at any opportunity. Never take her lightly.
Threat Level: Very High

Shinobi Name:Yomi
Affiliation: “Homura’s Crimson Squad,” Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy (former)
Strengths: Master of several weapons, including broadsword and crossbow
Weaknesses: Impoverished background, possible nutritional imbalance
Notes: Hates luxury of all kinds and will fight to prevent her friends from indulging in it.
Threat Level: Low

Shinobi Name:Hikage
Affiliation: “Homura’s Crimson Squad,” Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy (former)
Strengths: Complete lack of emotions, quick and deadly with a knife
Weaknesses: Lacks initiative and motivation
Notes: Seek out cause of her emotional state. If she’s merely suppressing her emotions, as opposed to not feeling them at all, find a way to release those emotions all at once, at the worst possible time.
Threat Level: Medium

Shinobi Name:Mirai
Affiliation: “Homura’s Crimson Squad,” Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy (former)
Strengths: Modular projectile weapons, web-savvy
Weaknesses: Immature, easily provoked by ignoring her or questioning her cup size
Notes: She may have more weapons hiding under her skirt. If engaged with her, destroy the skirt first.
Threat Level: Medium

Shinobi Name:Haruka
Affiliation: “Homura’s Crimson Squad,” Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy (former)
Strengths: Extensive knowledge of chemistry, robotics and puppetry techniques
Weaknesses: Pride, hidden insecurities, pathological need to be the puppeteer rather than the puppet
Notes: May still be vulnerable to past puppetry techniques. “Friends” with Hibari, for some reason.
Threat Level: High

Shinobi Name:Suzune (aka Rin)
Affiliation: Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy
Strengths: Blinding speed, long reach, strong will, practical and strategic mindset
Weaknesses: Insecure about her age
Notes: Double-check to make sure her Hebijo security clearance doesn’t overlap with any “pertinent” information.
Threat Level: Very High

Shinobi Name:Daidōji
Affiliation: Hanzō National Academy
Strengths: Ungodly physical power, religious dedication to training
Weaknesses: Poor math skills
Notes: Do not engage in direct combat. Do not provoke. Do not harm her best friend Suzune unless absolutely necessary. Let her focus on her training, and keep your own threat level just low and subtle enough that Hanzō won’t feel the need to call her in (until it’s too late, of course).
Threat Level: Extreme


August 14th: The relative quiet in the aftermath of the “Orochi Incident” has given me time to think. At first, I assumed that Orochi simply hadn’t consumed enough blood before her birth, but that raises a question: Why do yōma need blood specifically? Is it simply part of their diet, or is there something else about blood that they need?

I propose a new theory: Perhaps yōma are simply attracted to conflict. If so, then by fueling more conflict, I may be able to harness greater numbers of yōma, greater than any shinobi. And if I’m wrong, then at least the conflict will provide new opportunities. Hmm, where to begin…?

August 19th: The internet. A hotbed of conflict reaching all across the world, where strangers can war with strangers for months or years at a stretch, where no one wins and everyone loses. What better place to foster anger and hatred?

But the internet is a young man’s place. I have little knowledge of its language and customs. Who can show me how best to exploit this rich new land?

August 31st: I’ve entered a partnership with a certain small-time developer. They’ll be programming a series of “bots” to scour the internet, study what sparks conflict between users, and use that knowledge to provoke further conflicts all across the web. Three months until beta…

November 30th: Still in alpha. I’ve made a phone call to Shuriken Solutions, and should hear from the dev team shortly.

December 1st: Beta is ready, and only one day late and three fingers short! I had the bots modeled after my favorite hellspawn, each with a different nature and purpose patterned after their inspiration. Let’s turn them loose and see what happens.

December 15th: Success! My little digital yōma have set off wars across the web. All over the world, people are roaring with rage and writhing in pain. Tribal lines, long since faded, are being drawn all over again. Once-productive citizens spend all day screaming at their sworn enemies, enemies they cannot see and will never defeat. Even if no real demons spawn from all this, I’m harnessing the demons inside every human heart, and the work they do for me every day, without even knowing it, will bring me so much more.

But that’s only half the fun. When their tasks are complete, the bots will return to their point of origin, where they’ll compile everything they’ve learned about human nature into one amalgamation, a program I’ve come to call Orochi in honor of the great one herself. Armed with its vast knowledge of human weaknesses, Orochi will be able to stretch out across the net, through any walls and past any weapons, to sway the heart and mind of any target I choose. Wars on demand. Religions and ideologies shattered. Others built in their places, all secretly in honor of me. Even if something happens to me, their work will be my legacy.

And it all begins as soon as the yōma come home…


1st Seat General

This bot is designed to corrupt people’s passions for righteous causes. It studies the words people use to rally others to such causes, then uses those same words to stir up outrage toward fictional or exaggerated wrongs, turning mobs on undeserving victims. If friends of those victims retaliate in kind, so much the better.

2nd Seat General

This bot preys on competitors’ desires to win. It infiltrates various game- and sport-related chat rooms, message boards and channels, studying which taunts have the highest impact on opponents’ focus and confidence, then experimenting with various ways of magnifying those taunts.

3rd Seat General

This bot undermines the concept of authority, studying the rules and norms of various communities, then acting as an unauthorized enforcer for those rules. Its aim is to sow resentment for rules in general, driving its listeners toward unmitigated chaos.

4th Seat General

This bot poses, alternately, as a caricature of a jealous, entitled poor person looking to steal the wealth of more successful people and as an undeserving, arrogant rich person who looks down on those below his or her station and decries their work as worthless. As the discord grows between the rich and poor, so to do the opportunities to cater to the needs and desires of either or both.

5th Seat General

This bot makes unwanted cybersexual advances on random internet users (but only verifiably legal ones — we’re not that kind of monsters here). In particular, the bot is designed to interject in productive, positive discussions, not only derailing them, but causing potential shock and trauma, pushing users away from discussing constructive ideas.

6th Seat General

This bot specializes in backstabbing. On a personal level, it listens to troubled peoples’ complaints, gains their confidence, and then spreads their personal information everywhere, causing humiliation and distrust. On a financial level, it also studies various online cons, learning from their successes and failures and enhancing their techniques.

7th Seat General

This bot is designed to corrupt the concepts of friendship and dedication. It seeks out lonely people, offers them support and encouragement, then gradually grows closer and closer than the target is comfortable with, constantly growing more demanding and refusing to leave. The bot is also designed to learn new ways to bypass blocking measures and other stalker-proofing techniques.

8th Seat General

This bot is designed to foster conflict on a larger scale. It studies world politics, finds countries on the brink of war, and then poses as citizens on both sides, shouting out inflammatory statements to foster extremism, dehumanize the enemy, and push the national sentiment past the tipping point. The bigger the conflict, the bigger the contracts.

9th Seat General

This bot’s purpose is twofold. One, it starts petty quarrels over young people’s hobbies and fandoms, turning enjoyable activities into screaming matches. By souring the world of entertainment, the bot aims to drive more people into drudgery and misery, thereby making them more susceptible to suggestion from anyone who offers relief.

10th Seat General

Whereas the other bots are each “scalpels” in their own way, using precision tactics against specific targets, the 10th Seat General is a shotgun, blanketing its target area with all kinds of messages and tracking each user’s response. Results so far have been decidedly mixed, but every so often, the bot happens to use just the right words on just the right person, with promising results.


The final purpose of the 10 yōma Generals is to gather all possible data on every user they encounter, then return with that data to their home server. There, the 10 of them will compile themselves into one cohesive whole, named Orochi after our old, beloved friend. Armed with the knowledge of how to control conflict on any scale, and subservient to no one but myself, Orochi will be able to manipulate any culture, economy or military as I see fit. Will the nations bow to me and crown me king? Not openly, not yet, but I will be their master. And without me, Orochi’s standing orders are to run amok, causing worldwide chaos – so if anything happens to me, she’ll be my revenge.